Thursday, November 6, 2008



The diagram is an early draft of the plan for the railroad. This is a work in progress. Check back at a future date to see modifications in this plan. The board room is not shown but is a 14 x 14 foot room at the bottom of the diagram with a stair case coming up at the lower right of the diagram (only partially shown).

The yard at the left is Ascape and some associated industries. Staging is under Ascape with trains entering the railroad on the circular track around the access hole. Trains will eventually return to staging via the same helix but entering from the tracks behind Ascape (not complete on the diagram). These tracks behind Ascape are 9 inches above the yard tracks. Tennsion is the sidings at the right of the diagram. The track then circles the peninsula across the large trestle at Sulphur Gulch at the top end of the peninsula. The sidings at the lower part of the peninsula are Castle Coal.

After crossing Sulphur Gulch taking the left branch the track climbs to a higher elevation and the switch backs lead to the Sawhill Timber lumber area. Beyond Sawhill the railroad returns above Tennsion circling the upper part of the plan returning above Ascape until it reenters the helix to return to staging.

Instead of returning to staging a branch line runs to Park City (also not yet connected in the plan which is in the lower left of the plan.

Staging is a double ended yard with a return loop under the upper left corner of the layout.

Stay tuned for more details at a later date.

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