Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The railroad room was completed with a beautiful bamboo hardwood floor, all shinning and bright. The day construction was to begin the chairwoman asked with some alarm in her voice, “How are you going to protect my floor.” Explaining drop cloths and the great care that would be exercised during construction failed to satisfy the concern. The board of directors issued a new policy, the floor under the railroad must be covered with something that would protect the hardwood so that it would be preserved should the railroad sometime in the future once again fall on hard times and find that it must be relocated. After considerable research quite by accident the president stumbled on a product called Tarkett which is manufactured in Luxemburg. It is a vinyl product with a soft fabric back. It lays flat without gluing. The pattern just happened to match the stone tile on the refreshment bar in the board room. A perfect solution … the chairwoman is happy, the president is happy and the floor is happy. Of course the previous policy requiring drop clothes and great car during construction is still in force

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