Monday, November 3, 2008


During an early inspection of the new railroad room it was noted that the windows all seemed a bit too low. The blueprint called for the bottom of the windows to be at 72 inches. The existing height in the newly framed structure was only 60 inches. The president confronted the contractor about this discrepancy. “You can’t see out of the windows if they are six feet from the floor,” he said. “Exactly!” exclaimed the president. “You see,” he explained, “the windows must be above the sky.” The contractor gave a very puzzled look to this comment. The president explained how a backdrop behind the train would contain painting of the sky, mountains and other geological feature to extend the horizon of the railroad. He explained that the sky extends up to 6 feet which is above the eye level of most observers. Having the windows above the sky allowed light to enter the room without interfering with the sky or mountains that would be behind the railroad all around the room. The contractor gave an “Aha” and ordered the windows moved up above the sky.

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